She likes to think she's original. (cliched) wrote in single_and_free,
She likes to think she's original.

NCMO=Non Comittal makeout

I totally turned down NCMO. Good NCMO, last night. I have remarkable self-control. *neon APPLAUSE light*

I saw that guy who TJ told I was a virgin, thanks for that oh-so stellar introduction.

So, I know this guy because I randomly met him last year and it turns out he's the older brother of a pretty good friend of mine. We talked forever last night, and it was great, really comfortable, you know? We've got similar personalities and very similar views about a lot of things, except he doesn't believe that bisexuality exists. He compared it to age, "I'm not a little 26. I'm either 26 or I'm not."

That's right, he's 26 to my 19. Which seems so old, but at the same time not so old. Every time he'd start a story with "when I was 19..when I was 23...when I was 6" I'd chime in with "I was 12...16...being conceived." He's working on a second degree here at UA and he'll graduate in the spring, so I mean it's like he's a senior. It's not like he's a real grown up, he's still in college. To me, Steve seems older and he's just 21.

He just seemed, like, really slick, though, you know? I don't know how to describe it, really. He's just incredibly confident and assertive and blunt as hell. I didn't really see myself has his type, he's a little too testosterone-y, so I was completely relaxed and not all nervous around like I usually am around potential date-y kind of boys. I mean, he was flirty, but he seems like the kind of guy who is like that with everyone. But then he asked me out for an unspecified dinner date. I was surprised, and I suddenly felt like I was watching myself on Blind Date. It was so weird.

Then he leaned forward, like, he was going to stand up and I thought he was going to say, "I'm about to go," but he said, "I'm about to ask you if I can kiss you." Yay and Boo, yay and boo. Yay for nice boys who want to kiss me, boo for boys who ask. You never ask. It's so annoying. I told him so.

I left a little after that, and he got my number and a hug before I went inside. I woke Laura as I came in, "I didn't NCMO, you proud?"

It wasn't until today during Astronomy that I got the little stomach flutters that I should have had in the moment.
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